What is Tilda?
Tilda has come up with a new way of creating websites, where the process is similar to a game.
Is Tilda for free?
Tilda has a free option, 1 site and 50 pages. But for rather advanced functionality and even more blocks (like adding a store) you might need to buy a license, monthly or yearly. This is also the case with all other tools. For Tilda that is 15$ a month when paid monthly or with discount at 10$ a month when paid yearly. We will discuss this before we will start development.
What is a template?
Templates are pre-designed and will suit your type of content. Although it could also be for you, we will discuss with you what would be the best design and will start from scratch. Alle people and all companies are different. You can have a look though at pre-designed templates.

What is a block?
Tilda developed a wide range of blocks. Contemporary look and high flexibility makes them handy and applicable for any kind of content. A template consists of pages and blocks.
What is a page?
A page in Tilda is a set of blocks. In Tilda you will get 50 pages and 1 site for free.
What is a site?
A site in Tilda is a set of pages, or just a onepager. In Tilda you will get 50 pages and 1 site for free.
Are we only using Tilda?
While we specialise now on the use of Tilda, we are also capable of developing in many other tools, like:

  • Atavist (very nice for typical storytelling);
  • DudaOne (with inSite you can quickly and easily create individualized, one-to-one user experiences;
  • Squarespace (mostly used in the creative world);
  • Strikingly (mostly used for beautiful onepagers);
  • Weebly (very easy to use generic system);
  • Wix (a very extensive product, with additional options, like marketing mailing lists etc.).

We will discuss your needs and the options.
How do I pay?
At the moment we only use Paypal as payment option.
Additional options
You will get a standard site with a maximum of 6 pages. Any special requirements we will discuss and will present you a proposal before development will take place.
Adding your own domain
This is additional and is something you should normally handle yourself. Let us know if you need help and we will present a proposal to do that for you. Check how to add a domain to your site at Tilda.

December 2016
Pricing websitebuilders
Please always check their current pricing. We tried to compare more or less the same options, but it is rather difficult as they offer different functionalities.